Our Story

Biryani is more than a delicacy; it's an emotion, an everlasting relic of the royal era that lives in our kitchens. 
We, at Behrouz, have always been overjoyed to be a part of your celebrations. For us, biryani is the perfect indulgence for any celebration, big or small. 
We're here to witness your victories, we are here to lift up your mood when you are away from your loved ones, and we are also here while you share your happiness with family & friends. Because some celebrations come true only with Behrouz!
We didn't want to stop after being named India's most loved Biryani brand. We wanted to spread this love and the experience of grandeur ahead with you. So here we are making every occasion truly memorable and bringing in a new flavour of royalty to the United Kingdom by serving exquisite biryanis made from the finest ingredients.

What Makes Behrouz Biryani Truly Royal & Special?
Finest ingredients 

Our biryanis are made with handpicked spices, freshest vegetables, and the finest meats, that are slow-cooked with fragrant long grain rice to create an experience that feels like a royal feast.

Unique cooking technique

Made with layers of aromatic long grain rice, tender meats perfectly seasoned with exquisite spices, and flavourful gravies slow-cooked together on a slow fire. This unique culinary method is traditionally known as dum Pukht! The slow cooking works like magic, infusing the flavours of spices , herbs and meat into the rice, making biryani the most artfully crafted royal delicacy. 

Authentic Royal Flavours 

The foundation of Behrouz is the tenet that biryani is the most regal cuisine. The royal dining experience for you is what brings us joy. Our menu therefore consists of a variety of exotic biryanis including traditional chicken tikka , chicken bhuna, royal mutton, vegetable and paneer tikka biryani. 
 At Behrouz, we make every effort to provide you with the most memorable service we can, and promise to deliver an unparalleled culinary experience with each order, every time.  Because we believe, some moments are made special only with Behrouz!